12 unique business ideas

12 unique business ideas for homestay moms

So, you’re a mom or soon to be a mom. You love your day job but you want to spend more QUALITY time with your kiddos. You want more freedom, more time, more money but you had no idea how to do it all. Well, we are here to help you with these 12 unique business ideas just for homestay moms.

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It is possible that you can make extra money while you put your child to sleep. You are helping yourself with that extra cash and quitting your day job to be a homestay mom and earn. Or perhaps you are already a homestay mom but you are looking for something beyond your daily chores.

Well, you are at the right spot.

Personally, I’m in love with the whole idea of earning while you sleep, making money online; digital creators, digital entrepreneurs; working on your own timing; anything related to working from home and earning passive income.

I have a SOFT spot (since graduation) for making huge money without really having to go to work or in other words without having a ‘normal, regular job’. 

I love stepping outside my COMFORT zones; doing things differently from the rest. I don’t go with the crowd and this is the main reason why I kept changing like 3 jobs in 1 year! I just hate normal regular jobs. It bores me.

I prefer working on my own job; at my own time; at my own pace and definitely, whatever I want, whenever I want it; doing what I love best; doing what I’m good at. I always wanted a job that has no BOSS; no authority; and no one to tell me what to do and what not to do.

And yes this is possible.

When it comes to businesses’ mindset is everything.

I found my true calling in 2018 when I decided to quit my day job and ‘follow my inner calling’ and I have never been more proud and happy. I was also able to take an almost 1-year break from my online biz due to a laptop breakdown and then COVID happened and my dad passed away and everything changed.

However, a MAJOR SHIFT is happenings within me; I have newfound hobbies; newfound life interests but my LOVE for digital creators remains the same. 

I am back at my feet now; after taking a long break. I’m a creator and I love to create anything that my intuition is telling me.

This is my calling and for all those who have this similar calling; to BUILD A BUSINESS (from anywhere you are) and make an IMPACT; we are sharing with you guys; these 12 unique business ideas that will help you stand out from the crowd. It’s the best thing in the whole world. You have no one to boss you around and no one telling you what to do and what not to do.

I am my own boss now; doing what I love; following my passion, creating content and digital products. I don’t have to worry about money anymore; unlike when I worked 9-3 jobs; I was patiently waiting for my salary each month.

Money flows when you follow your PASSION.

Making money is a game. The more you play, the more you win and the more you win; the more you’ll play.

Let’s dive more into this passion for making money from home. You don’t have to go out there for the money; instead, money is coming to you while doing what you love most. Apart from that, you have lots of time to spend with your kids and family; in short, running your own businesses whether online or offline is the best JOB ever. 

The feeling of SATISFACTION is 100% because you give it your all and it is coming back to you, all yours.

12 unique business ideas for homestay moms.

These unique business ideas are not only for homestay moms but for everyone who is willing to make money from home.

1. Digital creator:

Digital creators consist of a wide range of making digital content from videos creating; to graphic designing; gamers, creating digital products like printables; where people just download and print your art; there’s no need for sending a physical product to your addresses.

Creating apps, freelancers, online coaching, video crafting. It consists of literally anything that you can do to raise your pocket, but it’s all done digitally via social media and the net.

Besides, you just need some basic computer skills to create all these digital products and focus on making either one or two digital products first before expanding your empire.

One SUCCESS PRODUCT at a time.

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2. Content creator:

Creating content online is what a content creator does. It could be making video content or writing articles for yourself or for your clients.

These contents will be shared on social media to gain attraction or through your own blog and websites; where you can monetise them and make money.

Or else a client pays you for helping them create content. All this can be done during your spare time of 2-3 hours per day.

3. Digital entrepreneur:

A Digital entrepreneur is similar to a digital creator but in a broader sense. This includes you starting an online startup; selling products online, building an e-commerce store; starting a new e-com platform or introducing an entirely new idea into the digital world.

Selling products or services online; starting a blog, or a youtube channel; selling e-courses, all fall under digital entrepreneur.

All you need for these kinds of businesses is a computer or a laptop and the curiosity of a cat to keep going. 

Learning new skills and adapting to new ideas is what makes you a successful entrepreneur + a burning desire to succeed.

Strong desire produces strong results. Week desire produces week results. 

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4. Beekeeping:

This is something a homestay mom can do easily. Beekeeping consumes less time and zeroes investment but the returns are higher than most expectations.

Besides you get fresh organic honey for your health and your family’s health. 

5. Machine knitting:

This is one of my favourites. It takes only a couple of hours to knit a sweater. With machine knitting, you can knit up to five sweaters in a day! Isn’t that’s great?

And you can do it all in your spare time. All you need is machine knitting and some basic knitting skill which you can learn easily from YouTube.

Then these wonderful knitting sweaters are sold at a very good reasonable price.

6. Create low content books:

Low content books are books that you create once and sell many times. These low content books include notebooks, journals, planners, workbooks, and dairy, worksheets; where writing is not necessary at all; except for cover designing.

These low content books are created easily on Canva and no proper skill is needed. Anybody with this passion can do it right away.

The best platform to sell these low content books is Amazon KDP. Here you don’t have to worry about all the hassle puzzles of printing; publishing and packaging. Amazon will do it all for you.

7. Start your own T-shirt company:

This one is very easy as well, you can do it right in the comfort of your home, however, you do need some helpers to keep it on track.

If starting a company might be too much, then start with making custom designs and printing T-shirts that you can sell online. T-shirts are very trending among both men & women; boys & girls. So you don’t have to worry about marketing.

You need working space, a trusted manufacturer and license and branding to make it work. The rest of what you need to do will eventually come up.

8. Selling home decor items:

If you are good with handmade crafts, this business is for you. Create home décor items during your free time and sell them.

Home décor items are trending now and they sell like hotcakes. Handmade items are usually cute and earn high appreciation from the maker.

You can sell it both online and offline as per your needs and marketing skills. 

12 unique business ideas for homestay moms

9. Becoming a social media influencer and working for brands:

Do you enjoy taking photos and posting on social media? Then this business is for you. Becoming a social media influencer is not an overnight success. It takes time and knowledge about what happens around you.

Nonetheless, if taking pictures is your passion, then this BIZ is just made for you. Posting amazing pictures with meaningful meanings can bring you lots of cash through any social media platforms; that you are comfortable sharing.

You need to have good followers to start working with brands and promote their products and get paid.

10. Start a local grocery delivery service at your locals:

Most locals don’t have this facility. Why not start it yourself and make it work. Open a local grocery delivery service where people shop and their groceries are delivered to their homes (with specific addresses) with ease without them having the pressure to carry the groceries.

This would be very helpful for elderly people who might not be able to carry their own groceries.

11. Be a Virtual assistant:

With the new age of the digital world, almost all internet entrepreneurs need a virtual assistant to help them with their online businesses.

A virtual assistant can work remotely from home with flexible working hours; whereby they have to schedule appointments and make arrangements and manage the email accounts of their clients who are too busy to do all these.

12. Gardening:

Gardening is overlooked by most people as a source of income. Apart from income generation, it brings good luck and joy into your homes and heart.

There are lots of EXPENSIVE crops and veggies to grow and sell with. These are crops are not easily available in the locals’ markets.

All these 12 unique business ideas will need some focus and dedication for a couple of hours to make them work. Make sure you have your own space for work; moreover, you can stay at home for your kids as these businesses have FLEXIBLE WORKING HOURS that don’t bother you.

Wishing you all the very best.

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