Hi Folks, here are a few things about me. I started this blog for business purposes – to make a living while making an impact. To begin with, my name is Diamond Margret Susngi. Let me tell you a little about me.

I started this journey to showcase my love for local food; the people, the culture, the joy of travel and of course my main goal is to make a living out of it. But everything changes when my Dad passed away unexpectedly.

A great shift happens within me and I have lost interest in eating out, and hanging out with friends; my love for travel vanishes and it just makes me realise; that there is so much in life apart from food, travel or just hanging out.

I was that person who lives in the moment but always in the future, daydreamed about it; pleasing my friends, chasing every dream that I have; without realising that all I ever wanted was right under my nose. And literally, I want to be everything! Well, I had and always have been a BIG dreamer but I was living in the future NOT in the present moment.

About me

The Reality

As I turn into this new leaf, I left behind many things. Things that no longer serve me in this new path and I become a completely new person. I left behind me my old friends and families whom I wrongly believed were my second family; who would be there for me through thick and thin.

A new realisation came to me, that we are all alone in our journey and the only person you can trust is your higher TRUE SELF. As I get older and wiser; my friends’ circle have become smaller yet firmer. I focus my energy on the RIGHT things now, rather than the things that I once thought were so important to me but found out it was not.

As I experience this major shift in me, I am taking every moment one step at a time and making them special. Today is the day. There’s no tomorrow. Spending time with people who value me rather than with people whom I value. Focusing more on things that make me happy.

Now, I feel that this is a great healer for me as it acts as an outlet to channel my feelings and connect with people who feel the same way too. This is like an online journal where I express myself with no fears.

We are also here to help you make money while you sleep even on your worse day, scale your online Biz and turn your passion into goals; besides taking care of your mental health.

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Let’s get to know each other

Come get to know the new me and tell me more about you too. Alright, to begin with;

  • I don’t care what people think about me at all. I enjoy doing things on my own.
  • My love for soul connection and deep meaningful conversations is undeniable. I’m done with SMALL talks and BIG promises.
  • I prefer people who talk about goals and ambitions over just hanging out and eating and feeling jealous.
  • It makes me fall in love with people who make s**t happens-talk less and do more.
  • I love people who have ZERO negativity and who are pretty much aware of who they are and what they talk about.
  • Well, I adore people who are like my cheerleaders and I’m deeply connected with Nature and admire everything that is out there in the open.

In short, I just love people who make me feel good and makes me a better person rather than being judgemental and critical.

Even better

Someone who can turn every negative situation into a positive one. Someone who is more like me in every way.

Oh! one more thing. Lately, I’m into meditation and affirmations; I do it religiously every morning and it feels so AMAZING.

I believe, how we spend a couple of hours in the morning; determines how happy or successful our day would be.

Alright enough about me let’s get to know you…Tell us about you below. Your passion, your dreams, your fears…We are here for each other.

Make yourself at home.