how to deal with depression and anxiety
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How to deal with depression and anxiety

Most of us don’t know how to deal with depression and anxiety. We either suffer in silence or we channel an outlet in an unhealthy way.

Sometimes we don’t know that we had/have depression until it hit us badly. Usually, anxiety projects itself as a bad mood which often happens at the slightest things due to bottling things up for so long then bursting out uncontrollable.

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I suffered from anxiety during my late teens which I carry on with me to my mid 20’s; which get converted to depression and I had no idea until I had nightmares after nightmares.

In my culture, we don’t talk about anxiety and depression nor do we have any counsellors. That’s why there is a high rate of suicide. 

Even if we talk about it; most of our family and friends cannot understand it and those who understand it; were not able to help us in a way that would really help us.

Most depression occurs:
  • Due to childhood trauma
  • Continous bad experiences from time to time
  • Growing up in a critical environment where parents are constantly nagging and criticised most of the time

I heal my depression on my own via self-help books and Youtube mentors who are perfect in the science of metaphysics and LOA. But recently with my dad passing away; it creep me in again.

Metaphysics and LOA work best for me. I have been practising it seriously since 2020 but become aware of its hidden power and true meaning when my dad passed away unexpectedly.

So, take it from me, who had been there and knows what it’s like to suffer in silence while putting a BOLD face to all those whom you meet.

How to deal with depression and anxiety

The first step to dealing with anxiety is to identify the root cause behind it and take healing actions toward it.

 Apply what works best for you because prolong anxiety leads to depression. Take action now to avoid the lingering depression over a long period of time.

Surround yourself with the best people who cheer you up and don’t let a situation ruin your day

1. Check your emotions

What makes you feel so sad all of a sudden? Did someone say something you don’t like and you feel irritated? Do you have past trauma?

Identify the cause and fix it or else let it go if it is something that you can’t control.

People with anxiety are highly sensitive beings but they will not show it instantly. They’ll take it in and process it slowly and repeatedly over and over again in their minds.

Avoid bottling things up and let them go. Take charge of your feeling and awareness.

Do more of those things that bring you JOY.

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2. Face it

The moment you identify it, FACE IT. Challenge yourself to relax and not stress out by taking a DEEP BREATH or simply by facing the person who makes you feel the anxiety.

Respond to them in a diplomatic way to avoid stress and anxiety.

3. Do not react but respond well

When something triggers you; don’t react panickily but instead respond to the situation calmly. It takes practice though. But you’ll make it if you are aware of the situation and how it makes you feel.

Giving out the right response to a person and situation will help release tension.

4. Think positive always

The worse part of having anxiety is negative thoughts which are so difficult to get rid of at first.

However the more you practice positive thinking the easier it will be. BREAK the pattern of feeling gloomy and negative all the time and replace it with positive thoughts.

Replacing your thoughts with something that would make you feel good; is a successful step to deal with depression and anxiety. It’s hard but you got to keep doing it until your habits pattern changes.

Think more of what you want and not what you don’t want. We have a habit of thinking repeatedly of things we don’t like in our minds.

5. Step out in the open. Connect with nature

How to deal with depression and anxiety

If you get clogged in the darkness of sadness; step out in the sun immediately. You will feel better.

The sun and the open ground have the energy to heal and protect you. Step out into the open space like parks, beaches, and nature.

I live close to nature and every time something bothers me; I walk into the woods and take some time off to connect with nature.

DO NOT lock yourself in a room. This will make you feel worse. Go for a walk, exercise or do something that would completely shift your focus from sad to happy mode.

How to get help with depression and anxiety?

Seek help from an expert if you need it. A therapist will be helpful. Find someone whom you can trust.

If you have chronic depression, seek medical advice and help from friends or family members whom you think might understand your situation well.

6. Read books and journaling

Books and journaling are my best buddies. They help me cope with so many things. Reading a wonderful self-growth book and journaling your feelings will bring you relief from depression.

These books below are what help me change my perspective on life. 

Apart from books journaling heals it all. I journal and burn all the negative and bad feelings I had. Getting it out of your chest will ease the burden.

Write down whatever you feel and want; identify the bad and the good in your journals. Throw away the bad and replace it with the good.

7. Avoid overthinking & surround yourself with AMAZING people

Leave the past behind and stop overthinking. Instead, replace your overthinking with words like everything will work out well, I don’t have to worry.

This is easy said than done but if you keep using positive affirmations to yourself and accept them slowly; you will overcome the pain of being anxious.

Surround yourself with UPLIFTING PEOPLE, who would cheer you up not the negative minded people who have nothing important to talk about other than criticising.

8. Stop negative self-talk

This is very bad for your thoughts and well being. Stop negative self talk immediately and affirm yourself with words that lift you up and make you feel better.

Stop using words like:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m fat
  • Oh my god I’m old now
  • I’m ugly

Love yourself and your body.

Use these words often:

  • I’m beautiful the way I am
  • I am so lucky and blessed to be able to breath
  • Good things are coming
  • The Universe got my back

You got the point right? Negative SELF-TALK is a big NO-NO.

9. Practice Meditation

Deep breathing is the key to releasing the underlying tension that gets clogged in your cells and tissues.

Practice meditation every morning and every evening before bed to release anxiety and depression.

Meditation can be done as simple as just focusing on your breath.

10. Don’t let people’s words make you feel low

You know some people are very bad with words. They are brought up that way or they pick up bad words from people.

Do not let people’s un-thoughtful words hurt you nor make you feel low. Take charge of your own life and be aware of how you react. 

11. Change the conversation

The best way to make you feel happy is to change the conversation. Light happy and understanding conversation will make you feel better.

When someone brought up some unpleasant conversation, change it!

Surround yourself with ELEVATOR people, people who lift you up rather than those who bring you down.

12. Practice gratitude

The best way to deal with depression and anxiety is to be grateful for anything that is happening in your life. Practising gratitude daily will help you get rid of the stress and tension that are there in your mind.

You can start with: I am thankful to be alive. Be grateful that you have food on your plate. Look for simple things to be grateful for; whom we sometimes forget to acknowledge. 


13. Don’t dwell on it for too long

Do not dwell on your sorrow for long. As much as you can avoid dwelling on bad feelings; this will drain your energy and you will feel exhausted. 

Keep distracting yourself with work or else do something wonderful.

14. Listen to soothing/healing meditation music 

Yup! music can heal. Listen to healing meditation music to lift your aura and help you deal with depression and anxiety. There are many healing meditation music online to listen to and feel better.

These kinds of music are soul-lifting.

15. Find a way to heal

Above all find a way to heal yourself. Be joyous by just shifting your thoughts. Most bad feelings come from bad thoughts.

Spend as much time with nature and be in harmony with yourself. You are not alone. Reach out and be healthy. Do things that make you feel AMAZING.

DO THE THINGS YOU LOVE AND DON’T LET PEOPLE BOTHER YOU AT ALL. Ignore and avoid such kinds of people.

how to deal with depression and anxiety


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