how to start a small business at home

How to start a small business at home

Every big business started its journey small. From garages to big offices; from small houses to big buildings. So if you have the same aspirations of owning a business and being your OWN BOSS; you have to start your journey by learning how to start a small business at home.

The process is very simple. Getting started is difficult, but once you start, your path will lead you to where you want to be. All you need is some skills, a license (depending on your startup); and online marketing but however, but the steps might be different from one person to another.

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Here are the steps on how to start a home business

1. Come up with an idea that you are passionate about

I’m sure you have something in mind that you want to do. If you haven’t then think about something that you are passionate about. Most entrepreneurs already have in mind what they wanted to do. There are mainly two things to start a business. A. Sell a Product could be physical or digital products or B. Provide services such as courses or coaching.

The best way to identify your idea is by leveraging your core skills. What are you good at making?

Are you good at making crafts? or do you prefer painting and music? Knitting? If you love cooking you can also open fast food in the comfort of your front yard. The choice is yours. There are endless possibilities for small businesses that you can start from home.

All these can be turned into a business. Think about your hobbies as well. You can also turn your hobby into a gig.

how to start a small business at home
Having the right mindset is the first step toward a successful business

In products, you can make your own products or you can sell other products through affiliates. While choosing a product look for a problem that most people wanted to solve and then you find the solution to that problem.

Most successful businessmen and women are those who help solves people’s problems or you can come up with an innovative product idea of your own and it doesn’t matter if it sounds crazy. Remember when the Wright brothers first came up with the idea of flying; the whole mass do not believe that man can be able to fly.

Well, products once made can be sell on either offline or online on various platforms.


The best part of a home business is that if you don’t have a product; you start by providing services to people. You can start with:


2. Research that idea

After deciding what business you want to do; you start researching that idea and find out what exactly people are looking for.

Learn about all the things needed for your business to grow and multiply. From raw materials required to all the details, you want your business to look like.

Do some marketing research as well. See which products and services do people love buying; what things are trending these days? and what are the evergreen things, things that don’t need trending yet lasting?

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3. Solve people’s problem

Just an example, have you heard people complaining say, about their dishwasher not getting clean properly! 

Well, that’s the answer to your business idea. Find a solution. Create better cleaning products and sell them. I hope you got the point. One way in making a business run is to help people find their solution to a problem.

4. Consult an experienced person. Not an expert

When I say experience, look up to the one who is already successful in the same business that you are planning to do because they know the ins and outs of the business. Ask for guidance from them, they can be your best mentor. 

DO NOT look for an expert with no experience. Most people are experts theory wise but not practical.


Do not ignore your gut! That inner voice inside you, those soft whispers that told you to take inspired action. When it comes to businesses; listen to your inner guide. It can never go wrong.

Stop listening to naysayer: Be careful with whom you share your information. People could be jealous of your BIG DREAMS and let you down by saying an unnecessary word that triggers your thoughts.

Personally, I had experience with this. Sharing way too much with people who act like they understand but they don’t and instead of helping me grow; it let me down instead. Why?

Because most people who tell me what to do and not what to do are the ones who did nothing in their life and had nothing good going in their business and in fact they don’t even run a business! But telling you how to run it.

Shield yourself from these types of people and listen to your SOFT Whisper and act on them.

6. Identify your target audience

When you start a small business at home; it is very important to identify your target audience. Know your audience. What they want and what are they really looking for and BRING that out.

Be the best and have faith in your business even if others don’t. GIve out the best in your business and the best will come back to you.

Don’t be satisfied with the average! Work in making every piece a masterpiece.

7. Know your competitors

Well, this part is not that important but it is important to know your competitors. Just keep this in mind.

When it comes to business, don’t try to compete with others but COMPETE with YOURSELF!

This will make you a better person. Each day, be aware of who you are and what you are doing.

8. Decide whether you will do it part-time or full time

To start a small business at home, make a decision first whether you will like to do it part-time or go full time.

This will allow you to scale down your time and budget accordingly. 

9. Come up with a budget

A successful business will always have a budget. How much you are investing into your business will definitely be the outcome that it would bring back to you.

how to start a small business at home
The joy of working from home and being your own boss

However, while investing BE WISE. Look at the pros and cons and don’t blindly invest without knowing the TRUTH.

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10. Introduce your idea to the world.

This is the best part. To let people know what you have to offer. You can start with your family first and then extended your circle to a group of TRUSTED friends and to a few people.

Nevertheless, some friends and family might be shocked and discourage you with their small-minded mentally. So, start with a group of people who don’t know you well enough but would definitely believe in you.

11. Choosing the right people

This is very very important. Sometimes we get excited and overwhelmed by the thoughts and ideas of what we want and can’t help but start talking about it endlessly to most probably the wrong people.

I remember when I first started my online store with some platforms, I request my close friends to buy stuff from me; they look shocked and disbelief; how on earth can I do that! And oh boy, the look of jealousy and the way they talk makes me stop sharing completely with them and I found peace now, putting my energy on the RIGHT PEOPLE who truly meant to see you.

I’m sure you got my point. Not everyone will be happy for you. Choose the RIGHT PEOPLE for your business. Unpleasant people bring out unpleasant energy.

12. Keep records

Keep records of all the sales and purchases and all the services that you are providing so that you will know what is right and what’s not right for you.

By keeping records of everything you will be able to track all the things needed to learn for future use and growth of the business.

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13. Choose a legal licence

Depending on the business you are doing, you might need a local license. Look for lawyers and experienced people to help you in this matter.

14. Set up a separate space/office

Setting up a separate space or an office for your business is essential to help you with your focus. When people do home business they usually don’t have a space for their business but do all the paperwork in their bedroom.

Even though this is comforting you do need a separate place where you can put all your focus on attention on your business alone.

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15. Make goals and achieve them

The best start to a small business at home is to make goals and achieve them. Write down all the goals you want your business to flourish and put a deadline to finish them.

Take one goal at a time and complete them each week. Put aside daily goals; weekly goals and monthly goals. 

Sort out the difference between short term goals and long term goals. Do not procrastinate. What you can do today do it now.

16. Having the right mindset

This should be the first step to making a business succeed. Most people fail because they don’t have the right mindset. Everything starts from a thought. Having the right mindset means:

  • Thinking positive about your business
  • Taking positive actions toward your business
  • Not allowing small talks to trigger your thoughts and quit
  • DO the right things for your business
  • Prepare yourself mentally for the best. Practice meditations and affirmations.
  • Give yourself a successful treatment every morning
  • Think success. Be successful and act successfully
  • Believe in yourself coz no one else will until you do


  • the mentality that you have to work so hard to get what you want
  • get rid of the idea that you won’t make it and replace it with what if it works!
  • get rid of the old habits and old patterns that are making you stuck and develop new habits that would bring growth and development
  • avoid anything that makes you feel less and do what makes you feel more; do what makes you feel happy
  • throw away your old small thoughts and THINK BIG
  • stop feeling inferior and don’t let others make you feel inferior

17. Self-motivation

Do not wait for others to motivate you. Motivate yourself to be better. Self-motivation is the best motivation.

Apart from this, READ BOOKS and looks for helpful insight through the internet to keep you going. Surround yourself with POSITIVE HAPPY PEOPLE. Connect with LIKE-MINDED people who aspire to you.

18. Self-dependent

Have you heard of this phrase; if you want a job done, then do it yourself. When it comes to business you are the backbone, the pillars; the right hand left hand of your business.

Of course, you will need trusted helpers to help you out but still yet self-dependent is awesome. 

19. Starts now. Start early.

The early you start the better it will be. So, starts now. Start small and make it big. Once you get started everything will come into place. The Universe will help you if you believe in yourself and your capabilities.

To start a small business at home is happiness, it’s freedom, you are your own boss and you have no one to boss you around.

Ciao! Have a perfect start and many blessings on your new business.

How to start a small business at home


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