How to start a homestead with no money

How to start a homestead with no money

To start a homestead with no money is not easy; particularly if you are broke and you do not have any cash. But however, you can manage some bits here and there; if you have the right MINDSET & the right resources to do it.

So, never let money be an issue in your life especially while following your dreams and passion. Have faith money will come to help you pursue your dreams.

The good news is that you could always start a homestead business even if you do not have any money; although it will take a reasonably long term till your domicile is established and begins generating for you.

The trouble with the majority who need to start a homestead is that they want it now, and they’re not inclined to position in the effort to make the dwelling house self-sustainable.

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However, you can always follow your passion and start right away. We will show a few tips and tricks to get started without any cash, but it also depends on the country you live in.

Apart from money, you need passion and a STRONG DRIVE to run it. Some people have the money to invest in a homestead but had no idea how to run it and fail. So don’t let money be a setback for you to start any kind of business that you are passionate about.

Just do it and the money will flow. The path to your success will open automatically if you have faith in your capabilities. Hold on to the VISION that you have; keep the clarity on your mind and seek opportunities everywhere you find.

Let’s roll baby.

How to start a homestead with no money

  1. Estimate how much land you need

Do you have your own land? If yes, then well and good enough; if not then here’s what you do.

Before looking for land; estimate how much land/area you need for your business. This will depend on various factors:

  • Like, what are you planning to do with the land
  • What kind of businesses you are going to invest
  • Is it just the farm? Or some other small businesses as well
  • If it is a farm; then what kind of animals you’ll keep? Do these animals need more space or less space
  • If you are planning to do both crop plantation and animal rearing then you might need more land

These are the criteria to keep in mind. You can add more if you have.

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  1. Investment cost estimation

Apart from the land; you will need to estimate the investment cost of all the raw materials and feeds for your homestead before you could even start earning.

A little amount of money is needed for this, not much, but as less as 5000-10,000 INR. (May varies from country to country)

I also started my mini-farm with just 5000 Rs. It is still mini but the volume of chicks increases year after year, and so thus my revenue.

  1. Search for free land or a kind landlord

After estimating your cost, search for someone who would give you free land to do a homestead before you could earn anything from it.

Or else look for a kind landlord who is willing to rent you the land now and pay later. 

This might depend on the country in which you live and also depends on how good people are. Some people will give their land for free if they are not using it.

Some do rent their land or agree that you give rent when your business grows or when you start generating money.

  1. Do it yourself/Use low-cost raw materials

After you got the land for free; do all the work like building and fencing yourself or else find a helper who would help you build the farm for free.

The out-building; the storage room and all the stuff needed to make it work; as much as you can do the job on your own to avoid labour charge.

The other way to reduce the cost is by using low-cost raw materials available locally or free from the environment itself.

Self-dependent is the road to success.

Laptops for your businesses:

  1. Minimize all the things you need

Build only what you need. Avoid being extravagant and minimize all the things necessary. Look for scrap things or woods that you can reuse without the need of buying new ones.

Refurbished old things to reduce cost and make use of the so-called useless things to work for us.

Don’t wait till you get a new table or a new material; make use of what you already have.

Turn the ordinary into something beautiful.

  1. Grow your own food

The best way to sustain your homestead is to grow your own food. Plant as many crops as needed for you and your farm. From fruits to vegetables.

Growing your own food will cut 50% of the revenue needed for the feed of your animals. You don’t have to spend so much money on feeds if you grow your own foods.

I, personally love farming, and seeing that what I planted grows; give me a sense of satisfaction. The happiness of looking at something I build grows; elevated my happy hormones.

  1. Live sustainably & be self-sustainable

Change your ways of living and habits in order to live sustainably and be self-sufficient. By this, I don’t mean you have to lower your standard of living.

But raise your standard of living by doing good things for yourself like providing all your daily needs by creating and making your own food and animals; be debt-free and focus your energy and resources on your farm and family.

How to start a homestead with no money
My tiny-mini farm
  1. Preserve your food for future use

You will be planting lots of stuff on your homestead. So, there are times that your land produces more crops and vegetation; thus you need to preserve your food for future use.

Some fruits and veggies can be preserved for 3-6 months; so that you can have them off-season.

  1. Start composting:

Start composting all your garbage so that you don’t have to buy any kind of bio-fertiliser. Decompose all your animal dung as well and re-sell them.

Or else you can turn them into biogas for cooking at your farmhouse. This composting can be used as manure for planting your crops.

  1. Raise your own animals

This is the main part of having a homestead. To raise your own animals for sustainable living. You can concentrate on one animal or you can rear a variety of animals. Your choice.

Choose the animals that you can best work with depending on your strength. Here are a few tips.

  • Chickens rearing
  • Cow rearing
  • Rabbits
  • Goat
  • Pigs
  • Ducks
  1. Start small but dream big

I was and still, I’m in love with the idea of owning a huge farm and a beautiful farmhouse someday soon. The thought of it brings me JOY. Imagine all the animals you rear and the crops you’ll plant and the calm and peaceful life you’ll lead; amongst all these blessings you have.

Isn’t this such a beautiful dream?

So, DREAM BIG my friend and don’t let money buck you; start small and take one step at a time. Don’t let your mind discourage you.

Having the right mindset and doing the right things is what makes a business successful. Start small and keep growing every day.

  1. Make big returns with a small investment

Little by little, the little becomes a lot.

This is how you’ll build your homestead year after year. From that tiny space to a big range. Yet minimize your needs for fancy things to avoid small returns. Get rid of the idea that big investments give big returns.

Look for a homestead that you can start/invest in a small amount but will give you big returns. Focus on making it BIG with higher returns. 

To start a homestead with no money needs patience; dedication and working smart. Keep on increasing it each year and analyse your revenue generated system from time to time to know its pros and cons.

How to start a homestead with no money

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