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How to stop caring in a relationship that hurt you

You should stop caring in a relationship the moment you felt and realize that the relationship you are in is not giving back to you as much as you give back to them. You feel let down, there is no joy, and 70% of the time, you are not happy with the relationship or how the relationship is going.

Knowing when to let go and when to hold on is very important in a relationship.

Apart from this, the relationship might not be helpful to you nor help you grow as a person; so it’s time to back up and focus on yourself.

Personally, for me, a relationship is, give & take and so thus with 80% of the population. This means if I am heavily invested in the relationship while the other is not; then no doubt I will leave the relationship on a whim!

I see no point in caring for someone who doesn’t reciprocate back! I know this might sound rude to some but it’s the truth. You love me, I’ll love you more, but once I feel like the relationship is one-sided; I move on super quickly.

This goes the same for both friends and other relationships. Once upon a time, I was a lover, I was a giver, but now I am strong, I am emotionally independent and I am happier.

You got to learn to differentiate between weeds & crops; leeches & worms. Here below are the lists that might help you; how to stop caring to avoid hurting yourself.

Because when you care too much you end up being hurt while the other is enjoying your shower of love and care.

Care for those who care for you. This is the only thing you need, to avoid issues and the feeling of being unloved.

How to stop caring in a romantic relationship

When it comes to romantic relationships most people care too much and they end up feeling drained; disappoint and all the bad feelings in the world; while the other is basking in the glory of love.

These reasons below will help you identify if your relationship is one-sided; toxic or you are unhappy and unhealthy in the relationship.

  1. Be careful with those who talk sugar sweet and sugar coating for everything that they say; right from the very beginning when you started to know them.
For example,

I had a male friend who keep saying that he misses me so much and all the sweet stuff, but in reality, he doesn’t care! Only in words talking so sweetly.

He neither call nor text nor do anything that shows that he miss me or love me like he said but however every time I call him once a week; he would sugar-coat his words.

So, you see, you have to be aware of all these little things that make and break a relationship. Stay away from this kind of person right from the start.

  1. You felt like you have invested so much and got nothing in return. Yes, this happens when you are so in love with the person while that person is having superficial feelings for you.

For example, You are highly invested your time, your energy, and your money for this person; you did literally everything for him (this mostly happens from a women’s point of view) and you got nothing in return. No love no care no attention no appreciation.

Well, it’s time to run away from this relationship.

  1. Is this relationship making you feel happy or feeling drained out most of the time? Your answer is the reason why you should stop caring now.

All relationships have ups and down moments but how well you interact during these times says a lot about your relationship.

  1. Is it one-sided? The more you care for them, the more they avoid you.
  2. Does your partner blackmail you emotionally?
  3. Is your partner manipulative?
  4. Does he or she ever listen to your needs?
  5. Are you always there for them while they give reasonable excuses?
  6. Are you the one who always initiates meeting up, going out on a date, texting; or calling? (this is for girls especially)

If yes, it’s time to stop hun! If your man is not doing the manly thing then say goodbye to him.

Side-note: Traditionally and scientifically a man is a giver while a woman is a receiver. That’s why 80% of a relationship where a man depends on a woman; fails. WHY?

Because a woman can only support her partner for a few years; after that, she feels drained and worthless while a man who supports his woman; can provide for her for the rest of her life because men are designed that way.

The more they give to a woman; the more strong and appreciated they feel. It’s the law of nature. The man protects and supports while the woman needs to feel secure and safe.

If you feel it’s the other way round you know where the relationship is headed.

What to do instead:

  • Write a list of all the qualities you want your man/woman to be and improve your qualities too
  • Do not settle for a man/woman with less quality
  • Check if you two are compatible through their words and action
  • Treat yourself with love and care, be the best version that you always dreams of and soon your dreams will manifest on their own
  • Do not neglect your true being by feeling sad and depressed about a person; instead, let go and the divine partner will come to you in divine timing
  • Make yourself happy and productive and let YOU radiant Love & Light to all those around you

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How to stop caring in a friendship relationship

A romantic relationship is different from that a friendship relationship but yet there are some similar points to be noted here below.

A friendship rift can also cause a lot of heartbreak if not handled properly and just like a romantic relationship; it can also be one-sided.

You should stop caring for your friend(s) if the following are relatable to you:

  • Your friend(s) called you only when they need something.
  • You are there for them while they are busy making excuses.
  • They ask you to attend their birthday party, attend their wedding; attend their child’s birthday, be at their parent’s funeral; cousin’s funeral; grandparent’s funeral; or be their helping hand even without asking while they are nowhere to be seen when something happens to you or your family.

They don’t even care to ask what happen. Let alone console you in your grief. All in all you guys are not on the same page anymore!

  • You are thoughtfulness of your friend while he/she is thoughtless
  • Lack of compassion towards each other

What to do instead?

  • Focus on yourself
  • Do the things that make you happy
  • Develop a deep connection with yourself and with nature
  • Practice self-care
  • Take a break from all toxic useless things and focus on your personal growth
  • Be the best version of you
  • Be the person you always dream of becoming
  • Surrounds yourself with positive people
  • Stay away from friends and people who no longer foster your growth
  • Talk to new people and make new friends who are willing to be your right hand
  • Choose your friends wisely. Take a deeper look at what you want in a friendship and surround yourself with such people
  • Let go of old friends that are of no value and make new meaningful soul connection friendships; who would be your second family

A friend in need is truly a friend indeed. 

The best way to stop caring in a relationship is to cut the attachment string that you have with that person by substituting it with something that is way much better.

In most cases, people find it hard to let go due to their toxic attachment style in a relationship. Some even feel life is dull, boring and worthless without that person.

Let me tell you; you are everything you wish to become. Everything is just a state of mind. Change your THOUGHTS, change your HABITS, and MANIFEST better in your life.

Manifest the life you once dream of; bring out the fire that was once dead; connect yourself with people who are much better than you and learn from them. This way you will be successful; much happier and definitely you will get all that you want if you work for it and put your 100% focus on the things you dream of rather than dwelling on the negative side of things.

Above all read books on positive thinking; personal growth; books on businesses if you plan to start a business rather than having popcorn and wasting time on NETFLIX!

Develop a habit to focus on things that are productive for you and your well-being.

Books for the soul:

The power of now. A guide to spiritual enlightenment

The magic of thinking big

The Magic of Manifesting: 15 Advanced Techniques To Attract Your Best Life, Even If You Think It’s Impossible Now (Law of Attraction)

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