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A visit to the Nohkalikai fall – The story behind India’s tallest Plunge

Nohkalikai falls has a very interesting story. It was named after a lady called ‘Likai’ who committed suicide by jumping off the cliff; after she found out that she had eaten her own child.

It is one of the tallest plunge waterfalls in India. This famous fall of the Khasi hills at Sohra has a very saddening and heartbroken story behind it.

We all knew this story when we were kids because it was included in the school curriculum of our Khasi literature. But lately, the State Government has decided to cut it off.

I remembered reading it and it was one of the most captivated pitied stories of all time. Let me share with you guys how the name come into play for the highest waterfall plunge in India.

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Nohkalikai falls story

Many moons ago, when the earth was still young and people live in peace and harmony with their environment; there was a Lady name Likai.  She lived with her loving husband in the village of Rangjyrteh, Sohra (near the falls itself), with their baby girl aged around 2-3. They lived a happy and content life until her husband suddenly passed away leaving behind Likai and her daughter.

Being a young widow and a single mother to her sweet baby girl; she was a hard-working woman trying to give the best support for her child.

As she raised her baby girl on her own, she sometimes found it to be quite hard; doing everything alone and working hard for their daily meal. But the love that she has for her daughter gives her the strength and hope to carry on.

However, not so long after being a widow, she met a man who falls in love with her. At first, she resisted him thinking of her beloved daughter.

But slowly as he keeps on approaching her; she couldn’t resist any longer as she think that he would be her helping hand and would be nice to have someone who is willing to support her.

She said yes and they settled down together. At first, he seems very loving towards her and her daughter but soon Likai realized that he was not a good man. His arrogant nature and behaviour get worse day by day. Fights and arguments happened almost daily.

Nohkalikai falls story
A view of the Nohkalikai falls during winter’s dry

The reason behind

Likai still has to work much harder now as she has to feed the man as well; because he spends all his money on drinks. He was even jealous of the love and affection that Likai gives to her daughter.

One day, while she went to work, she left her baby girl under his care. It was at this time that he took this opportunity to revenge on her for the fight they had and killed the baby.

Not only that he killed the baby; he cooked a delicious meal for his wife with the baby and cleans the mess up and left!

On returning home Likai found the house empty and thought that he might take the baby out for fun and was happy to see that he had cooked.

Unknowingly she opened the pot and has it as she is hungry from the day’s work. Then she took the betel nut basket (shang kwai), to eat kwai, a traditional thing in Khasis’ after food and lo she noticed her daughter’s tiny fingers on the basket and scream in disbelieved at what she realized; she has been eaten her own daughter’s meat!

She ran in desperation and was heartbroken at what had fallen over her and throw herself into the falls and died.

Since then the falls have been called the Nohkalikai falls; which means the jump or leap of Likai; Noh means to jump, ka is a prefix for the female gender and Likai is the name of that lady.

So, the beautiful waterfall of Sohra has its name from not so very beautiful story.

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Distance from Shillong:

Nohlalikai is 54.2 Km from Shillong and it is situated near Sohra, the wettest place on Earth.

Besides Nohkalikai; there are various places to visit at Sohra and nearby areas where you can spend your entire day.

Things to do at Nohkalilai fall.

Besides the delightful view of the falls and their beautiful nature; here are the things you can engage yourself in throughout the day.


Nohkalikai falls
At the cliff of the Falls
Nohkalikai falls
Ngan iai ieid ia pha, ko Ri ba kha i Mei

Trekking to the cliff of the waterfall is marvellous. Its dense forest and beautiful grassland are very mesmerizing. Nohkalikai Falls trek may take 4-5 hours depending on your speed and weather.

The view when you reach the top is Heaven on Earth.


Nohkalikai falls

If you are into nature and landscape photography, then this is the place for you. The nature in Meghalaya as a whole is always breathtaking. This is a perfect place for nature lovers.

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Bird watching:

You can spend some time bird watching here. You will be able to spot different types of birds here depending on the seasons.


There are many handmade local shops out there where you can get home-grown products as well. Crafts, bamboo-made products and homemade pickles.

Attractions nearby Nohkalikai falls-within Sohra

  • Arwah Cave (6 km)
  • Sohra viewpoint (9 km)
  • Rainbow Falls (1 km)
  • Dainthlen Falls (12 km)
  • Double Decker Living Root Bridge (22 km)
  • Mawsmai Cave (11 km)

Night halt: Sohra Plaza homestay

Your trip to Shillong would be incomplete if you don’t visit Sohra and its neighbouring places.

In fact, you need a one-week vacation trip to visit all the places here and sometimes a week is not enough; if you have local friends to take you around to the most unlikely places; less crowded, non-tourist spots are the best.

Let us know in the common section below, about your trip to Nohkalikai falls or perhaps you have some plans to come here, then what are you waiting for?

Where to stay?

Most people wonder if I come to Shillong; where will I stay, how will I reach there and what not!

Many people have fears of travelling to remote places that are far from their location; but let me tell you, get out of your comfort zone and explore!

We want to travel; we want to meet new people and places but don’t let your fears hold us back. I have lots of friends who have a fear of travel even though they want to visit new places.

There are lots of hotels in Shillong as well as many guest houses in and around the tourist area with a reasonable prices.

PG’s are not trending in Shillong-Jowai but you can always rent a room if you are planning to stay for a month or more but you’ll need to do the cooking yourself.

Best time to visit:

Spring and Autumn

We hope you have a good time

The Nohkalikai Falls story captured many hearts and the fall itself is marvelous. We hope you have a great time here with lots of wonderful memories to live by.

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