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Road Trip to Dawki: Solo vs Friends

I have been to Dawki countless times. However, a road trip to this amazing place always excites me. So, who’s up for road tripping? And do you prefer solo travel or with friends? Both have advantages and disadvantages but recently I love to travel alone. I just don’t know why but I feel so comfortable being on my own.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a road trip but lately, I have been doing a solo road trip every weekend and I’m loving it. I have always been fascinated to visit Dawki; not because of its beautiful famous boating at the crystal clear Umgot River but mainly because I prefer warm weather.

Well, it’s not like I am from the North or something that I would love the warm weather; it’s just that Dawki is a bit warmer and hotter than either Shillong or Jowai and personally I love warm hot weather with BRIGHT sunshine over cold ones.

So a road trip to Dawki always excites me every time.

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There are two ways to reach Dawki.

  1. Through Shillong-Pynursla road
  2. Via Jowai-Amlarem road

I was on a road trip to Dawki from both routes. One time with friends/a group of friends and recently solo! Either way, you will enjoy it both ways.

Let me take you through first via Jowai-Amlarem road; then I’ll walk you through Pynursla road. But if you come directly from Shillong or maybe you landed on Shillong; then I suggest you take the Pynursla road or else you can go from Jowai and drop by many beautiful places along the way and return through Pynursla or vice versa.

Well, so you knew the earth is round and a trip to Dawki is just the way around from East Khasi hills to Jaintia Hills.

Road trip to dawki
Bridge on the way to Jowai-Dawki road

These are the most common villages you will come across on your way to Dawki from Jowai.

  • Pynthor
  • Moopyut
  • Skhentalang
  • Jarain
  • Amlarem
  • Nongtalang
  • Sohkha


Road trip to dawki
Crystal Clear Umngot River

If you are planning to start from Jowai, Dawki is 32.7 Km from here, which is quite near and the road is perfect now; newly build, it’s awesome.

Right after starting from Stand-war, you will come across a bridge of the river Myntdu where people do their laundry in the open river.

The nature surrounding this bridge is just beautiful with the river flowing endlessly. I stop by here and there along the way; just to get a glimpse of the river and the Hills surrounding it and admire the beautiful wonders of nature.

After a while, you will cross another beautiful bridge, which its surrounding area is quite beautiful.

road trip to dawki
Betel Nut plantation (Dieng Kwai) along the roadside

I used to consider myself a nature fairy because my love for nature is indescribable, besides I love spending all my quality time in the open nature; mostly I prefer being alone with nature.

This way no one will interfere with my thoughts & feelings and the process of being deeply connected with nature. Otherwise, if I went out with friends & my family; it’s a bit noisy though! You can’t be one with nature.

Someone will talk and you have to respond, so the best way is to be with Nature is alone! So you can immerse yourself in its beauty and calmness.

All through the way, you will witness the beautiful nature and landscape before reaching Thlu Muvi.

These are the villages along the way before reaching Dawki.


A picture is worth a thousand words

Before reaching Moopyut, there is a village name Pynthor and at a junction to the right lies Moostem and Chrymang villages are located. These villages are well known for Pitcher plant species.

Apart from these, the scenic beauty of the villages will make you feel like you are on another planet.

Trekking to Rynji falls is also done from here. It is one of the most beautiful falls I have ever seen so far, but it is 4 hour’s walk from the village.

Then at Moopyut itself, about 2 KM from the main road lies one newly built resort for kids mainly but you can hang out and enjoy your day here.

Thlu Muvi falls:


Thlu Muwi

The first stop of my road trip to Dawki is at Thlu Muvi falls. It’s along the way; easier to get a shot for your picture collections. I stop by here to relax and listen to the water tapping and of course, get some pictures of the falls.

It is not a huge fall but you’ll love it. A small picnic with your loved ones is also perfect here.


The next popular village is Jarain. Well, there are lots of villages along the way but I am naming the popular ones here. At Jarain there’s a small lake where you can take a break and have a look around.

Previously at the centre of the lake, there was a giant manmade Pitcher plant in honour of the place for its richness in pitcher plants.

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On the way to Amlarem

Is the main marketplace of the war people. You can get almost everything you want from the Amlarem market.

Then to the left of Amlarem, there’s a way to the famous tourist spot, Krang Suri falls, then Amtasam falls, all the way through Syndai cave.


All the way through from Amlarem, you will reach Nongtalang; which is quite modern compared to the other village nearby.


After Nongtalang, a few minutes more you’ll reach Sohkha, another modern village, where most people are well educated.

You will notice lots of Kwai plantations (betel nut) along the roadside which is very beautiful for a first time viewer. Even though I have been here multiple times but I am still in awe every time I see it.


road trip to dawki
With Friends

And finally, we are reaching our destination point DAWKI. There’s a market right at the roadside where all kinds of vegetables and some Bangladesh products as well; since it is the border to Bangladesh.

Moving forward from the market you’ll reach Umngot River where the main rafting and boating take place. The crystal clear river is what makes most people fall in love with Dawki.

From Dawki, you will see the plain of Bangladesh lying beautifully and it is at this junction also that the border of India and Bangladesh is divided and you can’t step foot on it even though it is right under your nose.

Then from there, you can return back via the same road or go straight forward to Pynursla.

Things to do at Dawki:

  • Boating
  • Having Bangladesh sohbroi at the border of the River
  • Picnic with friends and family
  • Stone viewpoint for a better view of the area
Boating at dawki
Boating at Dawki-Umgot River

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Bangladesh & Dawki Border at the River

Dawki from Shillong-Pynursla road:

Well, you can start your journey from Shillong and then enter through upper Shillong, then all the way through Pynursla road.

Dawki is 82 KM from Shillong and the road is quite edgy but the view down the valleys is breathtaking. You can stop by all the way to take pictures and if it happens to rain for a couple of days; you will see waterfalls almost everywhere.

At Pynursla, there is a beautiful fall name Byrdaw Falls, where you can stop by and have a  look before reaching Dawki.

Byrdaw falls
Byrdaw falls during winter 

Solo Vs Friends:

Solo Friends
Calm, Peaceful, Serene Fun, Enjoyment, Noisy
Deeply connected to yourself & the  environment you are in Your focus is mainly on your friends
You are more friendly toward strangers You don’t talk to strangers because you have your friends
More Open-minded Close-minded
You please no one. Free will. Independent Sometimes you have to please your friends and follow their will
Be well prepared with all the right equipment in case your car broke down or else a public vehicle is perfect Not many worries if your car broke down
Late-night travel might be dull Late night is fun

All in all, depending on your personality and attitude; you might prefer to take a trip more alone or more with friends.

Doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman; your mindset is the only thing that set you back or carries you forward.  These days there are lots of women solo travellers & depending on the time and place; you are safe. 

Sometimes there are no words to describe it until you see it for yourself. I hope you will enjoy your trip to Dawki, whichever way you prefer to go.

Happy Journey.

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