• how to stop caring in a relationship
    Personal Growth

    How to stop caring in a relationship that hurt you

    You should stop caring in a relationship the moment you felt and realize that the relationship you are in is not giving back to you as much as you give back to them. You feel let down, there is no joy, and 70% of the time, you are not happy with the relationship or how the relationship is going. Knowing when to let go and when to hold on is very important in a relationship. Apart from this, the relationship might not be helpful to you nor help you grow as a person; so it’s time to back up and focus on yourself. Personally, for me, a relationship is, give…

  • signs you have outgrown a friendship
    Personal Growth

    10 Signs that prove you’ve outgrown your friendship

    My friends and I are not on the same page anymore. Is this one of the signs that show you have outgrown a friendship? Well, let’s find out! We are made to believe that friendship is forever. While some do last a lifetime; others barely stood the test of time. Never in my wildest dream, that I would ever outgrow my friends! But I did and I am so GLAD. I was a friend’s pleaser & would definitely die for them but oops; sorry guys; it’s time to say goodbye. You’re not worth all the effort I put in all those years! This page contains affiliate links. See disclosure for…

  • how to deal with depression and anxiety
    Mental Health

    How to deal with depression and anxiety

    Most of us don’t know how to deal with depression and anxiety. We either suffer in silence or we channel an outlet in an unhealthy way. Sometimes we don’t know that we had/have depression until it hit us badly. Usually, anxiety projects itself as a bad mood which often happens at the slightest things due to bottling things up for so long then bursting out uncontrollable. This page contains affiliate links, you can check the disclosure page for more details. I suffered from anxiety during my late teens which I carry on with me to my mid 20’s; which get converted to depression and I had no idea until I…